Always play responsibly

Whether you gamble online or at a land-based casino, it should always be for fun. Remember when you play online you can always enjoy the free play games, these are a great way of maximising on the fun as you do not have to spend money. If at any point you feel like you may be developing a gambling problem then you need to stop playing at getting help.

How to keep it fun when playing online pokies

 It is great to keep a balance between free play pokies and playing online pokies for real money. Try and set some rules up to ensure you always have fun when playing pokies. When you play online it is convenient so you can often forget how long you have been playing for.

When playing online is no longer fun

If you feel you have developed or are developing a gambling problem then you need to contact the casino and a gambling support centre. Some tell-tale sign you are developing a problem are: There are numerous websites offering help to Aussie players who feel they may need help with their gambling. We support playing responsibly and urge you to contact one of the below options:

Casinos that offer self-exclusion

As part of our promise to assist with online gambling problems and playing responsibly Online Aussie Pokies will only promote online casinos that offer self-exclusion. This is a great way for a player that feels they are developing a problem to cool off and seek help. Players are able to contact these casinos and freeze their accounts. This means they will not be able to access their accounts and more importantly, all contact from the casino will be stopped. Players will no longer be tempted by casino promotions and tournaments. Players can request a soft or hard freeze on their account, a soft lock is for a shorter period of time. However, players that feel they have a serious problem should do a hard lock and preferably stop gambling all together as well as seek specialised help for their problem.

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