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In Australia, we have heaps of great online casinos and many different kinds of bonuses to choose from. We are seriously spoilt for choice, but not all special offers are as good as they may sound. But have no fear that is where we can help! The different types of online pokies no deposit bonus are great ways to get started. But not all casinos offer these no deposit bonuses so we will help you find the best bonuses online. Let the Online Aussie Pokies team help you track down great casino promotions and even better bonuses.

Understand the Casino Bonus

First things first you need to understand the different types of online casino bonuses on offer. Once you understand what the casino is offering you, you will be able to sort the good from the bad. So let’s get back to casino bonus basics. Below we have listed many of the different special offers you will find online.

Welcome Bonuses

Australians are known around the world as very friendly people. And the same is true when playing the pokies for the first time. The Welcome Bonus or online pokies with signup bonus says, G’day mate, come and play! This is the casino’s way of rewarding you for choosing to play with them. The Aussie Welcome Bonus begins with a substantial welcome bonus package that familiarises you to the online casino. As an example, you may be offered a 100% Welcome Bonus package equal to $300 on your initial deposit.

Casino Bonus Offer Rating Claim Now
$1200 FREE Play Now Review
$500 Free Play Now Review
$500 FREE Play Now Review
$100 FREE Play Now Review
$1000 FREE Play Now Review
$1600 FREE Play Now Review

$500 Free

Tap to Play

$1000 Free

Tap to Play

$500 Free

Tap to Play

$1200 Free

Tap to Play

$500 Free

Tap to Play

$1600 Free

Tap to Play

No Deposit Bonuses

After registering with the casino, you can test the games and have a go for free. Just like it sounds, the online pokies no deposit bonus is given to you for free as a new player. You get a chance to preview and experience the games without the need to deposit any money from the get-go.

High Roller Bonuses

Not every online casino offers the High Roller Bonus. The high stakes that make-up the High Roller Bonus is quite limited to certain players. If you like to bet big on real money games, then the High Rollers Bonus is great for you. It is not unheard of that the minimum deposit for the High Roller Bonus could start at $2,000 which is higher than normal bonuses. Though the deposit may be high, the matching bonus is also high.

Monthly Bonuses/Promotions

Throughout the holiday season, Australian casinos offer different weekly and monthly promotions, such as Christmas promos, Easter promos and other promotions. You need to watch consistently out for the updated online promotions which can be found in the promotion area of the website.

Some online casinos also run regular promotions with great real world rewards. These promotions generally run for the period of one month and players are required to participate in stipulated casino events. These events can be gameplay or deposits but the rewards are 100% worth it. We have seen players win holidays and even cars as well as regular casino prizes like free spins and purchase match rewards.

Deposit Match Bonuses

The Deposit Match Bonus is the most popular bonus and is on offer at practically every online casino. (Some casinos will refer to this as a purchase match reward). Basically, the casino will reward you with a percentage of your deposit/purchase capped at a certain amount. Most online casinos will match your deposit from 50% to 250% and continue to offer you matched bonuses on your next deposits.

Free Spins Bonuses

Free Spins are the bonuses we love the most! Getting to play online pokies for free is exciting and winning is even more exciting. Many online casinos award a Free Spins bonus as part of a welcome bonus and they are often linked to a deposit. It is very rare that you will find a free spins no deposit bonus so if you do come across one let us know and claim the reward.

Do your Casino Bonus Math – Wagering Requirements

Now that we have covered the basics it is time to move across to the scary elephant in the room, Wagering Requirements. We are sure you have heard of this term before, in fact, all casino bonuses throw this word about. But what is it really? And do you understand what is required of you?

Online casinos draw in new customers by extending attractive “Welcome Bonuses”. Though they seem to be very dinky-di offers, you need to understand carefully what it entails and meet detailed requirements of whatever amount you deposit and want to be matched. The reason online casinos use wagering requirements is to set a constraint so you use your wager and your bonus a particular number of times before you can cash out your wins.

It is noteworthy that wagering requirements pertain only to your bonus money. Whatever you win by your deposits is yours. You will find details on wagering requirements in the bonus terms and conditions. Make sure you read and understand these details before claiming any offers.

How to Find the Best Casino Bonuses Online

The internet is full of articles and testimonies about the best online casino bonuses. There are many reviews and articles about new and old casinos and what they are offering. The Online Aussie Pokies website can steer you in the right direction to find the best online casinos and bonuses.

FAQ – Casino Bonus Edition

How long does it take to get a bonus?

The casino and kind of bonus will determine how long it takes to receive the bonus. Some bonuses are instant, while others might take a day or two.

Are casino bonuses just for new players?

New players, as well as seasoned veteran players, can enjoy casino bonuses. Loyalty Bonuses and the VIP Bonuses are just two of many bonuses that experienced players can enjoy.

Do I need bonus codes or a coupon to claim a bonus?

Some casinos require bonus codes or coupons to claim a bonus. The High Rollers Bonus is one such example.

Can I claim a bonus on my mobile device?

Today the mobile device is an essential part of life. Many games, as well as bonuses, can be played on your mobile. It is best to find a mobile casino that supports mobile.

Can I withdraw my bonus when I get it?

For the most part, casinos will not allow you to withdraw your bonus immediately, although some casinos will, depending on the particular bonus. Sometimes you will need to gamble it. Whatever you gain from it is yours for the keeping. Make sure you check the wagering requirements of your bonus.

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